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Our philosophy is simple; a healthy athlete performs better than an unhealthy athlete.  When you are healthy, you are
physically and mentally at your best.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality, safe supplements that increase the health of the athletes and to provide real information on our website to make it a resource for athletes to get the best information on nutrition and supplementation.

This is the goal we have when working with pro athletes as well as high school athletes.



We do not put out the latest gimmicky products nor do we use a bunch of low quality products full of food dyes, artificial sweeteners, synthetic vitamins, and poorly absorbed minerals and protein. 

We strongly disagree with how some companies market hormone boosters, caffeine based energy drinks and products loaded with multiple artificial sweeteners and dyes to teenagers.

You will find that our website is a resource of information and how to’s rather than a gimmicky sales site.

A legendary nutritional company with a pharmaceutical license that supplies products to doctors makes our products.  They have been doing this for over 30 years and have supplied many professional and Olympic teams with supplements.

We only use top ingredients that are taken from whole food sources and the purest form of availability which means our products will not test positive for any drug tests.

XCAP is the highest quality supplements on the retail market.  Many pro athletes including Randy Couture use these exact supplements.  As you will learn from this site, long term optimal performance starts with nutrition.

Ask yourself this, how many servings of vegetables is your child eating per day?  Probably not many and this effects their health and athletic performance.  Help your high school athlete recover from workouts with a healthy drink of protein and vegetables rather than a sugar based recovery drink or worse yet a soda pop and candy bar. 

Our recommendations are smart, safe and effective!


We Support High School Athletics from Football to Tennis

A recent study polled high school football players in Iowa and found that 76% of players use supplements.

Our question is this “If you are taking supplements, shouldn’t you be taking the healthiest, safest and most effective supplements on the market?”

This is our program for giving back to the communities to promote high school athletics.

Your high school will be given a code.  Athletes from that school will use code when ordering products.  That school’s Booster Club will get a check from XCAP for 15% of the orders from that school each quarter or the school can tell us what athletic equipment they need and we will take the accumulated money and buy the equipment for the school.



We will use Jefferson High School as an example of how the XCAP Booster Program works. Jefferson High School contacts us and says they want in the program.  We will assign Jefferson High School a code and send them posters for their locker rooms and weight rooms that explain the products.

Jefferson High School can then give the code to their players.  When the players order off the website, they will enter the code.  XCAP tracks these orders and at the end of the quarter will send a check to Jefferson High School Booster Club to buy equipment or XCAP will purchase the equipment directly and have it sent directly to Jefferson High School.