What Should I Eat?
After spending years measuring patients body fat levels and doing blood work, I have determined one of the best eating plans is the Paleo diet.  Here is a sample of what you should eat.


  1. Have a green drink with protein
  2. Or Eggs with some veggies
  3. Or a piece of fruit.
  4. Or some raw nuts


  1. Eat a very big salad.  Put all kinds of vegetables in it.  Lots of different colors.

Use a balsamic vinegar or olive oil based dressing.
Add, or eat on the side, some sort of meat.  One day put chicken in the salad and maybe the next day use shrimp or scallops and the next day have steak on the side.  You get the point.  Vary it.


  1. Raw nuts
  2. Piece of fruit
  3. Cherry tomatoes and olives
  4. Can of Sardines
  5. Protein shake with fruit

1.  Raw, steamed, or baked vegetables and some meat.  I suggest looking at Paleo recipes on the internet or buying a Paleo recipe book.

You will find that your largest meal will most likely be lunch and when you do eat a big salad and meat, your blood sugar will begin to stabilize and you will not have the urge to gorge for dinner.

Use grass-fed beef, free range chicken, wild caught fish.
Buy organic when possible.
Avoid Sugar and Grains

Standard Exercise Shake
4Ever Greens
1 Scoop
Celtic Sea Salt
1/4 teaspoon
Whey Isolate
2 Scoops
1/2 Cup
Pomegranate Juice
1/2 Cup
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